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My First Time

I was dating my best friend. She was hot! She had long brown hair, brown eyes, a perfectly fit body, a great ***, and amazing boobs! We had talked about having sex a few times before we actually did it but we never had the courage to do it. Until we were at her house alone for the day. We were swimming in the pool when she looked at me and said "Let's get naked", and I said "okay". We excitedly took off our bathing suits. That wasn't the first time we had seen each other naked. But that was the first time we touched while naked. She swam over to me, wrapped her arms and legs around me, and we made out. The feel of her boobs against me and my hands on her *** made me hard. She looked at me and said "Let's ****". I backed up against the wall so my back was touching it. I said "okay". She put her head on my shoulder and I slowly pushed my **** into her nice, smooth, tight *****. As I did, she squeezed me with her arms and legs and moaned into my ear very softly. It was the best feeling in the world! I slowly pushed and pulled in and out. In and out. As I'm doing this, she's moaning and saying "Ohhhhhhhhh god yes" in my ear. Then she said "Let's go to my room.". So I pulled out. We got out of the pool, dried off, and ran to her room. Once there, she said "Lay down.". So I did. My legs were hanging off the side of the bed and my rock hard **** was sticking straight in the air. She got on her knees and stroked my **** a few times. After she stroked it, she put it in her mouth and sucked it. The feel of her tongue rubbing the bottom of my penis and her wet, warm mouth made me moan and moan! She stopped. I got farther on the bed, and she stood over top of me. She rubbed her ***** for a minute then lowered herself on top of my **** very slowly. She moaned while putting it in. It was SO TIGHT! She moved up and down. She screamed and moaned until she came. When she came, her ***** squeezed my **** in a way. We both came at the same time. When she was done, I pulled out, flipped her over onto her back, and blew my load all over her stomach. We cleaned up, and both said "Let's do it again soon!".
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how old are you?

That made me wet

wow!! soo passionate

After that it was a quest to see how young i could get a guy to nut for the first time.

I watched my brother get off the first time. He said i could watch from the closet and that he was going to do it with a girl next door that was coming over. He was my step brother, he was about 12 or 13 and i was 8. Anyway she came into his room and he kissed her and she was breathing real hard, it was her first time too. He played with her boobs and she finally rubbed his crotch a bunch. They undressed and he laid next to her and they felt each other, his thing was huge and she played with his balls a lot. She was probably 13. Finally she sat on him and i could see right up between his legs, his balls hung down and she raised up some and held it and put it in her and slowly sat down on it. She moved a few times and he went nuts and i saw it run out of her, a lot. She bounced around some and just screamed and got off big time. It was so beautiful. I have seen some guys get off for the first time and i never seen a guy nut like he did, it was oozing out of her and ran down her leg. He told me later that he had not jacked off or anything and it was literally his first time. he said it felt like his balls were on fire and the sensations went down his legs up to his head and all around his body. He said it felt so crazy good, like 10 times better than me playing with his balls.

Wow, really intense.

After that he (my step brother) turned me on. I don't know why but watching him do it to that girl turned me on so much. I was real young but i wanted him to try to put it in me too. It took a few trys but i got him to nut in me too.

Tell me about how he nutted you too. Was it your first time?

Well he put vasaline on his thing and i laid down and opened my legs and he put the very end of it in just barely and did this every day putting a little more in until the head of it was in me, it did not hurt so much because he did it so gradually. He did this and every time he got the head of it in me he nutted right then. So he said it was because i was so hot and little and tight. It made me feel sexy. One day i sat on him and put the end of it in me and he held off on nutting so i sat down and about 1/2 of it slid in and when i did that he nutted. So eventually i put most of it in me and he learned how to move it in and out a bunch of times then he would nut and i came so many times.

After this experience all i could think of for quite a few years was finding guys that had "no" experience with girls or themselves and watching the reaction when I made them come the very first time. When the word got out they were showing up every day, ha ha.

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