Just now, the guy i was dating for a little over a month just left... he said he will be back, he promised to be back, he assured me.
two days ago, he introduced me to his family. i had a gut feel that his mother disproves of me. i was correct. his mother said im the type of girl who is high maintenance because i came from a family of politicians. i think thats not fair. people do nothing but judge me, criticize me, talk a bout me! why is life so unfair?! i just want a guy i can call my own. why is it so hard... well, the guy just showed that he cant handle me. but i really like him! ughhhh what a way to start my day.
and that was also the first time a guy left me. i guess there really is a first time for everything.
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It is the rejecting that we find hard to take. It does hurt and can make one very angry too. it happens to all of us. Takes time to get over it for sure.

High main thence more like swag on overload haha clearly he left the wrong girl and his mom clearly is playing hard to get if ur a lesbian haha just kidding

hahaha yeah i hope everyone thinks like that! your comment made me smile! thanks!

So what r ur fantasies being with a guy I like the girl in charge more fun