See Clearly Now, I Can!

Finally, a group wherein I can put forth clarity and release the confusion. Like LordVoldemort, I didn't relate to the new trilogy. As the original trilogy was released out of sequence (for monetary/popularity reasons, I think) the new one seemed non-sequitor. But having observed in entirety, it's so clear now. All is fixed and the mind-meld was a complete success! May the Force bring Long Life and Prosperity!

Considering the first Star Wars release ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ and the 2009 remake of the original ‘Star Trek’ (this comparison strikes my fancy), there exist Seven Similarities:
  1. They both begin with a small ship being attacked by a much larger one (Millenium Falcon vs Battle Cruiser / USS Kelvin vs the Narada).
  2. This directly leads to a rebellious young farm boy who lives with his step-parent(s) and dreams of outer-space (Luke or Kirk).
  3. Only to meet an elder wise man who knew his true father (Jedi Master OB1-Kenobi or Captain Christopher Pike)
  4. Who ask him to join some crazy space mission and visit a bar full of aliens (both stories).
  5. Then has to go on a rescue mission on a ship in order to save someone with that partner he originally hated but ends up becoming good friends with by the end (Hans Solo or Spock).
  6. Then they end up destroying the evil large ship that can destroy planets (Death Star or Narada).
  7. Then medals are given out at some great ceremony (both stories).
You know, Star Trek, errr umm, Star Wars. And let us forget not, R2D2 discovered in 2009 Star Trek episode was he - video proof at:

And guess who would probably win? You guessed it, Star Wars!! How do we know? Because they're more advanced. For evidence that Star Wars is more advanced see the following video by noted physicist Michio Kaku:
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01muji, glad so enjoyable the likenesses to you, there are! To meet in Mind Meld with surviving Vulcans, ultimate goal I have! Will post when completed it is...

Phenomenal! I love the comparison of the two. I am more of a Star Trek fan but I do appreciate Star Wars too. You presented such an entertaining perspective and I thank you for that :-D

On to something, you are!<br />
Haha.. I can't believe that it's true.. I know that there are only a handful of plots that all narratives are derived from, but these similarities are just soo blatant :P<br />
I'm going to have to watch my DVD of that film so I can see for myself, and make sure it's not doctored. The video link would really be hard to fake, though. Haha.. he threw R2 into the movie.. so awesomely funny ! :)

Point you have, and well taken is it! But when Truth you are seeking, stumble upon many similarities we do. Note please the similarities of ship design, have they. Point of case, see please story update of late for to ponder! Hmmmm...

There is no clarity/truth in the contradictions you put forth as logic.<br />
Two different universes of sci-fi cannot create a mix of mythology that makes sense, unless you're on mushrooms.<br />
Mind, I shouldn't fall into my own kind of traps.. most likely this is commentary expressed through satire :P