Could Dr. Ratched Be Related To The Infamous Dr. Walter Freeman?

As you may know, I wrote a lame story a while ago about my scary experience with a fraudulent psychiatrist whom we will fail to mention by name and thus for his sake refer to him with the pseud “Dr. Retched” The story(s) that I mentioned is called either “crazy Cucu Nest” or simply “I escaped Dr. Retched” You can read either titles for greater detail. Sadly, I do find myself somewhat obcessed because there have been some incidences where he still attempts to stalk me. But at least the harassment stopped but that is not important Anyhow, I heard something on TV about The youngest person to have ever received a lobotomy after a quick web search. I came across the story of Howard Dully. His experience was horrible but my experience seemed slightly similar. That is when I heard about his step mother and how no other medical professionals agreed with Freeman that Dully had childhood Schizophrenia. ( is a brilliant source if anyone is interested Freeman gave the poor boy a lobotomy still. Now this one lout prescribed NMENDA. To me when I was a teenager. This is an (Alzheimer’s medication & an experimental one at that) for cogitative dysfunction. And the good “doctor” administers a luketomomy for a girl with drug abuse problems. Let’s laser-up that gray matter. Detoxionition is for the foolish. I don’t mean to question the good doctor who isn’t really but my cognitive capacity may be different than someone who has dementia. Anyhow for fun I searched his name + Dr. Walter Freeman and long story short according to they may be related. I’d love to hear other horror stories about incompetence and violation please let me know if you have any.
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Dec 7, 2012