Naked Bike Ride

My first experience flashing was sort of an accident. The happy result of a game of truth or dare. I could not stop thinking about the way being naked out in the open and having someone see me had made me feel. I could almost feel the surge of excitement as I had my first ****** without touching myself. I wanted to have that feeling again.

A week or so after that first time, I found myself at home alone. The parents had gone to some sort of business function party-like deal, where they were sure to stay late and drink heavily. My little brother was spending the night with a friend, so here I was by myself. Not completely on my own since my mother had asked the family across the street to keep an eye on me. Their daughter was our sometimes babysitter and when she wasn’t available, her mother filled in. After supper, I was pretty much on my own.

I watched T.V. until about 10:00, and then started wandering around the house. Eventually, I was standing on the patio in the backyard naked. I had ******** off my clothes and decided to see if I could recreate that ******. I wandered around the backyard for awhile, but it wasn’t the same. Eventually, I worked up the courage to walk outside the backyard. As I reached the side walk, I could feel the thrill from that first time, but no ******. As I slowly returned to the backyard, I saw my bike sitting there in the moonlight; my big present from Mom and Dad the previous Christmas…a new Schwinn 10 speed. I grabbed my shirt and shorts just in case and jumped on my bike. I slowly peddled the bike over to the gate and stopped. I sat there looking out at the street, wondering if this was too much. After a few more minutes to work up my courage, I took off.

I rode down the street, turned the corner and started down the next street over. I could see people in their homes, watching T.V. or turning out lights and going to bed. Here I was, completely naked, riding through the neighborhood on my bike. As I rounded another corner and started down a new street, I saw a car coming toward me. I casually pulled my bike up onto the sidewalk and kept riding toward the oncoming car. As the car passed me, the driver’s window just a few feet away, I could feel that awesome ****** starting to build in my ****. The car kept going and so did I.

Eventually, I had made the circuit around the entire neighborhood and decided to turn down my street for home. As I turned the corner, I saw someone walking on the sidewalk. It looked like the lone figure was a girl or woman, and she was walking toward me. I considered going back, but then decided I had to see what would happen. I had been riding in a circle at the end of the street for a minute or two now, so I turned towards home and the person walking towards me.

My **** felt like it was going to split open, it was so hard. The closer I got to the girl on the sidewalk, the more it twitched. I was about two houses away when I slowed down a bit and steered down the center of the street. As I passed by her, she smiled and said hi. I smiled back and croaked a sort of hi as I began shooting *** all over my legs and bicycle. Her eyes seemed to follow me as I passed by, but she didn’t say or do anything except continue walking down the sidewalk.

I rode several houses past my parents, until I thought she was far enough away that she couldn’t see where I was going, and then steered my bike into my backyard. I was still trembling as I latched the gate. This flashing ****** was even more intense than the first one. I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to try this.
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2011

It was. I couldnt wait to do more.

I know that was an incredible feeling.

That sound like a lot of fun especially when the girl was watching and said hi.