Naked With My Aunt

In the last month when my family members were out for a marriage
my neighbour aunt who was in her late 30 was so close to us and she had dealt with all the things i needed.
at that time i met with an accident and i was bed for 2 days. i liked my aunt at
that time very much she helped me in evry thing. when i said that i'm going to bath she said
wait for a min i will help u. as the time goes on my beat was raising she started to ***** my clothes
removed my clothes i was there with my under wear only i thought she will keep on that but started to
drop down i controlled my self a lot not to get any errection infront of her.
it was amazing i stood naked infront my sweet aunt.
she started to saop me started from face washed my face chest and butt then come forward at that time i
was unable to controll my ***** she hold it in her hands it began raising and got fulll errection she didnt mind that
completed my bath, with a smile said it was common to get errection infront of women,do not feel bad
after that she came but didnt give me any cloths and made normal chat almost upto 3 hours
we have chatted like that with me having a ***** infront of my cute sweeeet aunt.
javarkumar555 javarkumar555
22-25, M
3 Responses Apr 29, 2011

nice I had that with my step mom :)

yeah after that when ever i will be alone i go around naked infront of her. i think she likes me more when i was naked. she talks a lot when i was naked but not any thing sexually. i was too happy being naked infront of her <br />
next time i like to have errection while talking with her

She must have enjoyed you being naked also or else she would have dressed you right away. If you are lucky something will happen next time you are alone together, just make sure to give her polite compliments, that she looks great etc.