I try and do it time and again. Since he doesn't fumble in between, it encourages me more and more everyday! ;)
KamasutraGirl KamasutraGirl
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you are such a naughty girl.

So you are telling us you aren't going to let this go any further than simple innocent flashing? I am not sure I believe you. You must have some more stories about this teacher.

It's EP's fault. They deleted that experience from here. :/

What fun!

Can I see ur ****!! I want to see what ur teacher see's

for his eyes only ;) :p lol

Oh come on, why are u teasing me! Not fair! Ur so gorgeous! I just want to see what The Lord have u!! If u have it u should show it babe!! Were both adults!! Lol please! I will show u mine If u want!!

I show it all OFF the internet ;) So tough luck hun :p