So I'm in a karaoke contest dressed in black jean frayed shorts to pull off my version of "I'm a Slave for You." All goes well, drinks are flowing. Then another contestant asks me to dance like a ******** for her song, so I drunkenly oblige. Come to find out, I had flashed the entire bar when I put my leg upon the pool table.

And to add insult to injury, she won the contest. You're welcome.
adianoeta adianoeta
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You tell such great stories in a fews well-chosen sentences.

Thank you, genuinely.

No one cares, *****.

Are you flirting with me?

Why would I do that?

You are, aren't you?


My mistake. :)


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Lol... I love it.. Very funny and sexy! : )

Pshh look at you trying to rock that bulge. Dude, come on. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I don't have time for it either : )

I don't have to tell you how silly you look. :p

That's ok.. Still liked your story .. I won't pester you . All the best to you . : )

Thanks for taking it in stride, brother.

Lol.. Life's too short.. Have a great day 😊

Can I get just one more heartfelt sentiment regarding your good intentions for my future? Thanks!

Let me see what I can muster up lol... Hmm ... Health , wealth and happiness for you! Cheers : )

You really mean it? You're not just trying to make yourself feel like you've taken the high road? Okay, I buy that. Sincerely and generically I wish you well.

I've been down high roads , low roads and crossroads ... I sincerely meant it .. It's all good .. I'm only on here for fun and a few laughs .. I'm was never one for drama .. I like comedies : )

Did you, though? Really?

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Im sure you will always remember that night lol

you should have won for best show also great legs i bet

Well, I was a model. *~hair flip~*

Damn did they see ur ***** ??

Yeah, that's the gist of it. Good for you.

Were wearing panties ???

Were u wearing panties ??? 😉

I hate to encourage you, but for the sake of full disclosure I can tell you I was not.

Dman was your ***** bold or hairy and message to tell me please !!!

It was bold. Too bold.

Lol would you please i need to tell u something !!!

Mother flipper I meant to respond to you.

You shameless hussy! LMFAO

Well it sure was bold that night!

It sure was bold that night!

Did u have sex that night ???

Aww double post. I'm new here. Just sayin.

Put did that person who saw u touch u and did u let him ???

Oh no, I took on the Denver Broncos with Mrs. Cartman.

Yes I'm stalking your profile, your sense of humor is killing me!

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