Swimming Hazard

So I thought it would be cool to go to the water park in my new swim suit. One of the 2 piece ones with the tie on top… I was fine all day so it was rather unexpected when I lost my top going down the lightning ride (one of those quick drop slides) I came out of the water baring all it took me a couple of seconds to realized I had left my top under the water.

I had a lot of witnesses but I escaped silently and was glad as could be that none of my friends who came swimming with me were in the same area to see.

I must have flashed 20 people as it was, how bad can it get?

RenBean RenBean
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8 Responses Apr 10, 2009

gotta love those slides :):) - bet it was exhilerating to boot ? :)

OMG but thats not as embarrasing as mine..<br />
<br />
I had an amazing bikini and there were two lads swimming with me. There were pretty rough waves, but as I was a great swimmer I didnt think something would happen to my bikini...<br />
<br />
BUt then a huge 2 meter wave came and my whole top got washed off and my bikini was on shore.. I didnt notice until I noticce them staring.. MOST EMBARRASING DAY EVER I dont want to go to school anymore -.-

I rember being at a water park once and just hanging around at the bottom of the big slide. I caught a nice view of quite a few girls who lost thier top. although I never did see anyone lose it completly.

Well, you either be embarrassed by it or embrace it. ;)

Haha, that's pretty bold. I'm not sure I have the scruples for that one! But if I did, oh the havoc I would reap!

I am sure that you could have braved it out!

Nah, you just stand there and pose, and act like there's something wrong with the people looking at you ;)<br />
<br />
...At least that's what I'd do.

Well, I've changed my mind about 2 piece bathing suits being cool. :)

Ooops! Now that must of been embarrassing! Just imagining how I'd feel if I accidentally lost my swim wear!