At Work On Casual Friday

Rummaging in the bottom cabinet for a plastic spoon wearing lowrise jeans. I thought the coast was clear, and I really needed a spoon. Then a guy said my name behind me. He is one of those very mellow fellows that says things like "How you doin" in a deep voice. I shot up. Said hello. Almost made a crack about my crack, but then chickened out.  But I bet I made his day.

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10 Responses Apr 22, 2009

You know that is a sexy sight, when a woamn is squated down, her pants giving a clear shot of her *** and thong or whatever she is weraing (or not) but is starts a little rise in my pant for sure. Only thing better is a nice camel

I'm sure he had a cracking day ;)

I caught one of the girls at my work checking out my butt one day as I was bent over a car. She grinned and I told her I didnt mind her checking me out as long as I was allowed to check her out at times too. She said that was fine but it wouldnt go any further than that. I do admire her butt- she has a great figure- and its great knowing I dont have to stress about being caught. And its a turn on knowing she gets pleasure from looking at my butt too!

I'm sure you did make his day, probably his entire week. :)

you have a lot of confidence in my crack!

I don't know about that. It's just that such an opportunity doesn't come along that often. One must savor the moment for as long as one can. :)

*Chuckles along with you* I'm constantly being teased by my daughter about my "very high butt crack" so I joke about how I should have been a plumber. LOL I'm sure you made his day and that in itself should put a smile on your face, it did mine. :)

Haha, it was a silly moment. I'm trying to picture what a very high butt crack would look like. Wait. No I'm not.

LOL "Caught you looking!" hehe

The question is.....did it make your day ;-)

Hahaha xD I've accidentally done that before too.

Heyyyyy how YOU doin?

I bet you did indeed make his day.

Ha ha ha ha, that is funny.