So we're driving behind the X and pull up next to him and just out of no where I threw up my shirt... I couldn't stop laughing and I'm sure the traffic heading my way enjoyed the moment. Of course a little down the road my phone rang and he scolded me... but it was so worth it!!!
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I love it...did something to my Ex once similar to that. Had the girl I was dating at the time pull up beside her and I stuck my *** out the window. She was it all ... ***, balls, and ****. She called my cell about two minutes later to ***** at me...I hung up on her. I thought it funny.

You know what i say ...DO IT AGAIN.

Sounds like ya wasted the boobage on a boob! Lol

The X... he said it was not appropriate! DORK!

that's so f'ing funny> so who yelled at you? <br />