Totally Accidental!!

Okay.. when I went to the hospital for my appointment for my knee, I thought that I'd wear my skirt so that I wouldn't have to deal with pants. I happened to be wearing my bright orange, mesh with lace, new thong. I had to get x-rays. So... the cute guy from radiology saw my panties! Two x-rays later... another radiologist walked in and I saw him get a peek at my panties. (I was getting x-rays of my left knee.. so my legs kind of had to be spread apart...) Then, when I went back to the room. I had to try on the brace. I didn't realize my skirt had ridden up that much.. and my doctor saw my thong as well! He just kept looking untill my mother whispered something to me and he heard her!! Almost 16 years old... and I flashed my undies to three different male doctors in one day!! In an HOUR!! I felt SO bad.... my mama and brother were just laughing it up!! The Irish in me was really showing... I was blushing so badly... But... none of the guys seemed to mind getting to see what they saw... so I felt a little better about myself... Hey, somebody's gotta like me, right?
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Tee hee... a woman after my own heart. I hope you'll check out my posts and possibly add me.<br />
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I never thought about it like that...

I don't think you need to worry about the clean underwear, or underwear at all. You have had your once in a lifetime "need to wear clean underwear" situation. Now that that is in the past, you are free to worry no more about that outdated proverb. I say let your decsion be free; and to be pantied, or pantyless is your choice. So what if anyone sees anything, they are only window shoping if they are a perv, and if they are not a prev, they will simply absorb the scene as part of their harmonious surroundings, and continue to enjoy life. I personaly never wear them. Don't let anyone ever discourage you from anything by simply metioning an outdated social phopa, and what it might mean to you from their perspective or view, and not from your view or ideals.

Lol!! And oh wow I never thought of that!

Could've been worse - you could have gone pantyless <br />

Ouch!! Sounds like yours was worse than mine!

lol, yeah probably... that makes me feel better, actually!! :D

right. yeah, i hate hospitals. i don't really think the guys minded or they would have said something. hey at least it was cute. that probably made their day or made them get hard. lol

ThisIsNotBilly, thank you! lol<br />
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slutslider, thank you as well. Oh yeah, it was a cute thong. Have to show it off sometime, right? Never thought it'd be in a hospital, though...

sorry that happened to you, but at least it was a cute thong...right?

That's totally hot!<br />
Specially since you didn't know.<br />
I blush so easily too, that if I would have seen you, you would have known something was wrong!

Sorry to James65!! That must've sucked!! Emerald, you crack me up!! Guess it is a "natural" talent, though! sasxiv, nice.. I'm glad to hear that... grams, that got me laughing so hard!! They were nice undies.. and that is true.. =]

My mom always told us kids always wear fresh undies, you never know if you'll be in an accident and someone will see them, so there you go, yours sounded nice so could have been worst, could have been the one with the whole.....; )

There's no thrill like a cheap thrill.....guys love that stuff.

Ya know, hospital work can get routine and tideous! So, even though it was at your embarrassing expense, look at it like this: You just made 3 people's day very interresting! All in 1 hour! Talk about "natural" talent! =}