Uh Oh I Did It Again...

Ok but this time I was pissed. So guys are ALWAYS googooing over my 15 yr old. And sometimes I stay quiet and then there are days like yesterday... yesterday we stopped at my PO Box... my daughter wanted to drive so I climbed <literally> into the passenger seat while she ran to get the mail. Needless to say that alone caused a few looks. She comes out, gets in and while we are opening a package two guys, at different times, walked by starring at her. Well the first one was enough 'cause when the second one came by he was so into her that I pulled my shirt up and yelled at him... not remembering exactly but something to the tune of "I'll give you something to stare at perv"... yeah... I'm so loosing it!
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7 Responses Aug 5, 2007

that's like the best story ever. and i can respect that. yeah, some guys are pervs, but some times i find it very erotica. maybe that's just my animal instinct. lol

Giggity...now that's a MILF I can respect.

...and to ME that's great but oh stay away from my baby!

That's the best story ever. <br />
And by the way us guys are all pervs.

I can certainally understand ya being ticked off . There are looks of apreciation and prolonged lustful leering. However showing ya goods might not be considered scarey lol

GROWN MEN... and she looks younger than 15 so no mix ups on that. She 5'1 and wears a "0"... she looks like a kid... pervs... once wrote on her car window "i'm a minor" to get the point out

What style, what flare!!!!!!!!!!