It Wasn't Today, Actually...

But I just found this group today and wanted to share.

I'm small breasted, just an A cup.   One of the advantages of this is going braless quite a bit without creating a scandal or any notice.

The other advantage is when I wear a loose top,  or leave an extra button undone, it's quite easy to bend forward a bit and give a good downblouse look to someone who's got the right angle.

One of my favorite techniques is standing in front of a counter display, engaging the clerk, and then bending down to examine the electronics or jewelry in the case.   They can see my entire chest, small as it is, but they all stare anyway.   Even the women.

I thought the college kid at the camera counter almost came in his pants today.  

I walk around looking very much like a normal surburban mom,  not slutty or flashy or desperate, then suddenly my little minis are on full display.  My little gift to the world.


EveOfEden EveOfEden
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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I appreciate the fact not appearing slutty. Thank you.

It's a good thing you dont live close to me! I'd be following you around like a puppy dog! Tks for sharing and WOW if that's your photo on your profile! Bill in Va.

Lucky guy! Thanks for the story!

Yes! Sweet. You have the idea and minis are still you. We love to see you and know that you are exciting (and hopefully excited!)