At The Bank

I had some prolonged business at the bank today, not the normal deposit in/ cash out type of thing.   The branch I went to is in a part of town I rarely visit, I was over there on business.  The bank employee was a pleasant gentlemen in his fifties, wedding ring, a bit overweight.  He didn't stare or ogle or give me elevator eyes, his manner was quite respectful.  So I decided to reward him for his decency

Since he had all my personal information I did a subtle gap flash.  I have tiny breasts and rarely wear a bra.   With the combination of one extra button and leaning a bit, the viewer can usually see my nipple.   I let him look for about 20 seconds, acting confused about where and how many times to sign the document, so I think he got a good look.  My focus stayed on the document, I didn't try to bust him peeking and make him feel bad.

Everyday we should try to do something nice for someone else, with no expectations for return.   My bit of good karma today.


EveOfEden EveOfEden
41-45, F
5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I love that you do this, and I love to see breasts of all sizes, particularly unconstrained ones. Does it arouse you to flash like this?

I agree 100%. I think it should be every womans job in life, to brighten someones day, by giving a nice flash!

Eve, you are <strong>so</strong> sweet. :) You may have given him one of the hottest thrills of his life - you never know.

well, I am not necessarily small breasted but I can relate, I have and will do similar flashing as well. It must be by "accident" though. It is just more fun when they think you don't know it is happening.

Your why so many men like smaller breasts! Even with a bra on there is an opportunity to see "the whole package"!