Shy Wife

We stayed in a hotel this past weekend after a truck show. So there we're lots of guys running around drunk at the hotel. I dared my wife to streak down the hallway. She waited till we got back to the room, ******** down to her pink and laced thong panties. She walked right into the hallway wondered down to another room and turned and smilled waiting for me to take her pic. I asked her why she wasn't running so she bounced down the hallway back and forth. She then stopped at the room and turned for another pic. At this moment i saw a guy and his friends come up the stairway at the other far end of the hallway. He looked down and i hoped he would come are way but he just stopped at a room while his friends wen't in so i waived to him. She then realized there was someone there and laughed. After that we wen't in and started to have sex when i heard guys running down the hallway so i decided to dare her to go say hi. She stood right up naked ( after some hounding and teasing ) and walked right to the door opened it and wen't out. I figured they we're gone anyways, till i saw her waiving she turned back came into the room smilling. She said she wasn't sure if the guy realized or could see her but shje waived and he returned the favor. Then she climbed on top of me and i reached to feel her soaking wet *****. She apparently like it alot ao i'm prety sure he saw
kinkycouple56 kinkycouple56
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

sounds like a great time!