Atlanta Hotel

Last night I stayed in Atlanta and across from the hotel a fitness center on the second floor. As soon as I checked in and walked into my room I noticed this. With a clear view from my room, on the second floor also, into the fitness center, I knew I was going to hopefully put on a little show as it became darker.
From my vantage point I could see the treadmills very clearly. There was a girl on one of them and I could read the lettering on her shirt, it was that clear.
Since it was just after 5, I headed out for a bite with my co-workers to a place they kept talking about. It's a burger joint that has been around forever apparently.
We got back later than I expected and the sun was just about to disappear for the night. I kept the lights off in my room as I entered so I could see who maybe on the treadmill next door. To my luck there was my southern blonde bell I was hoping for. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and black spandex running shorts. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. While not running yet, she was hooking up her earphones to her MP 3 and just standing on there. I open the curtains more to allow her to get a full view of my room once I turned the lights on. I exited the room and then came right back in turning the main lights on with the wall switch. I walked around the room as normal (fully dressed) and did little things like log onto my computer, organize my paperwork, hang clothing, etc so as to appear I did notice anyone could see me.
I glanced into the mirror on the wall to see if she had noticed and she was now jogging on the treadmill and looking straight ahead into my room. I went over to the closet and took my shirt off, folding it and placing it on the shelf. I then took off my pants and shorts and did the same thing with them. I was now completely naked with my smooth bald soft **** hanging there. I was getting very turned on thinking what she was thinking at this moment. I went to the desk and sat down facing my computer. I had already positioned my webcam to be facing the window but kind of hidden but my computer bag. I logged on and could now see her perfectly while I was looking at my computer.
She was definitely looking right at me. She had no idea I could see her with my webcam. It was incredible! As she jogged, I could see her breasts bouncing. She was between a C and D cup. I was getting so excited I was now hard and she could easily see it sticking straight up. While I watched her on my computer screen, I started playing with my balls and then stroking my now very, very hard ****. I can't even explain the thrill of doing this while seeing her, without her knowing I could, watching me. She must have been getting worked up or excited too seeing me jerk off because she placed both hands on the handle rails of the treadmill, I am thinking so she wouldn't trip or fall off. I had her full attention and I continued to jerk off pretty hard and forcefully. I slouched down in the chair to expose more of my **** and arched my back a little. I could see she slowed her jog down too. I was pounding pretty hard and suddenly exploded with ***. I made big ******* motions with my body just in case she couldn't see the *** squirting out. It was all over my belly chest and hips dripping. I kept slowly stroking as my **** softened and went limp. I saw her pull down on each side leg of her spandex shorts but not sure what she was doing.
I then got up and went to the bathroom to get a towel. I wet it and came back to the area in front of the desk so I could still she her on my screen. I then started to wipe the *** off my with the towel. I wiped around my balls and belly. I then wiped in a stroking motion my now limp ****. My southern bell was still watching.
I put the towel back in the bathroom and returned to my desk. I continued to sit there naked for her while doing some work. She finished her workout on the treadmill and got off. As she walked away, she looked back one last time for a quick look.
This was the best experience for me this year.
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6 Responses May 9, 2012

You put on a spectacular show and was lucky to get to *** for her.

Wow. I would like to have an experience like that.

That is the absolutley hottest ************/exhabition story I have ever read! And something I have wanted to do all my life but never had the perfect set up as you had! Way to go for it!


U're a damn lucky dude

wow thanks for sharing...