Holiday Hotel Fun (this Mornings Adventure)

We had to visit my wife's side of the family this weekend because her sister from Ohio could't make it before Christmas.

So yesterday after work the wife and I headed towards her oldest sisters house, which is about a 6 hour drive. Smartest thing I ever did was book us a hotel room nearby. Her sister from Ohio brought her husband and two kids ages 2 and 5. I used the excuse that they could use the space, to avoid the noise and kids at night.

M had spent the day out with her girlfriends, so she slept most of the way there. She wore a pair of blue sweat pants and an old white t-shirt to travel in. Before falling asleep she had taken off her bra to be more comfortable.

It was just after mid-night when we walked inside the hotel lobby to check in. A young man at the counter greeted us and completed our paperwork. The whole time he keep staring and talking to M. It wasn't until we were walking back out the the car that it dawned on me why she had his undivided attention. He got a great look at her ****, through the worn out material of her t-shirt.

When we got in our room she asked me if I thought that the male clerk was flirting with her. I mentioned her shirt situation, which she checked in the bathroom mirror. We laught about it and went out to get more of our stuff out of our car.

As we were walking back in from the car, the clerk met us at the door, holding it open as we carried our belongings in. It was obvious that he was trying to catch another glimps of M's large ****.

Back in the room I began to tease her about the situation. She admitted to being aroused, because the guy was so blatant about what he was doing. So I provoked her to see what she would do.

She grabbed the keys to the car and said she be right back. About 10 minutes later she came in the door acting like a kid who just discovered their first candy store. I asked what was up.

M had gone out to the car still dressed like she was. She got her bra and carried it back inside stopping at the front counter. She said that she asked about nearby resturants. She said the guy was trying to be cool, but keep looking at her chest, trying so hard to keep eye contact. She said it was so obvious to both of them, that he was looking, and that he knew she was there to let him look.

She was so excited, saying that she was really getting turned on by this. I told her that she needed to go back and ask for something else. At first she refused, saying it would look to obvious. But then she agreed leaving the room again, without changing a thing about her appearance.

A little bit later she came back in and was breathing heavy and was flush. She said that the guy was on the phone when she got there. So she waited standing at the counter in front of him, while he talked on the phone.

Several minutes passed and he asked If he could help her. She asked about the indoor pool. He explained where it was and what the hours were. She said that he told her that he didn't enforce the pool hours, for adults that kept the noise down.

She didn't know if he was being nice, flirting, or trying set something up to see if she would go to the pool later.

She was fit to be tied, and consideted going to the pool for a bit, to flirt but chickened out. I told she was always to scared and was full of talk. Calling her bluff always pushes the boundries. This time she said what ever and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower running and wondered why she was showing at 1 AM, when all I wanted to do was sleep.

About 5 minutes later she came out wrapped in a towel with her hair wet. She asked what she would get for going across the hall to the coke machine wrapped only in a towel. Tired I replied, " Nothing". She rebutted saying, " Ok, naked then". I said, "Nothing, unless he is watching the hallway cameras".

I looked to see her walking out with her wallet in hand, wrapped in her towel. I got up and went to the door looking out into the hallway. I couldn't see her at all, not even at the Coke machine.

I stepped out into the hallway and still didn't see where she went. I ducked back into the room, threw on my t-shirt and grabbed the key card to the door.

As I exited the room she was coming down the hallway, naked. She was buzzing with excitement, as she went to the Coke machine. She paid for a Coke at the machine, walking past me asking me to open the door.

Amazed I opened the door as she looked back at the camera and waived. Entering the room she threw her drink and wallet on the bed. She jumped onto the other bed, giggling like a litter girl. Bright red she said she could't believe she just did that..

I asked what she did. She said that she hates being dared to do something. She walked about five doors down the hall, rounding the corner and walking across the lobby to the clerks desk, wrapped in her towel. She asked him for change, giving him a dollar. She said he nervously looked around as he got her change for the dollar.

When he went to hand her the change, she took the change and handed the clerk her towel. She claims that she told him the towel was for him. That's went she said she backed up allowing him to see her completely naked. She turned and walked off stopping to buy the drink and waive at the camera in case he was still watching.

I joined her in the bed as I told her that he's probably using the towel to clean up the mess after playing with himself. She said that was to bad. She said he could have followed her and he wouldn't have to clean up a mess. I dared her to go tell him that, or to call and tell him that.

She said that she would be ready to try that some day, but not this , morning. We had some amazing sex before falling asleep together, fantasizing about her ******** the clerk. She even brought up the though of his **** being inside of her. She teased about letting him **** her without a condom. (FYI -She can't have anymore children). WoW !!!!!!

This morning we got up to find a female working the lobby counter. I'm hoping the same clerk is back tonight.

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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Sounds awesome! I love it when women are so brave. I will be one day too - gotta build up to it I guess!

I would have enjoyed being the clerk that night. If the profile pic is an indication of your wife's beuty, I'm sure the evening is still strong on his mind....Please consider adding me....

I love playing in hotels, and this is an adventure I'll have to talk my wife into trying some day. Great story!

Great story!!!