I Love To Flash!

My boyfriend and I call it road games. He drives and I take off my top.  I have 36 dd's and they seem to attract some attention.  If we find a truker that looks I'll give him a show, I'll play with my nipples and if he smiles and encorges me I ***** down the rest of the way.  I have done this many times, in fact one trucker followed us off the freeway and my boyfriend pulled into a deserted cul-de-sac.  The trucker came up to the window and I let him check me out naked while we chatted.  Just before he left he asked if he could have a wiff for the road.  I had no idea what he was asking for.  My boyfriend told me he wanted to rub my ***** asnd take some of the scent with him.  I decided I was good with that and let him, boy did he have a smile.  I also enjoy giving my boyfriend **** while I'm naked and he is driving.  I make sure my *** and ****** are facing out the passenger side window.  My boyfriend will pull a longside a truk and describe wheat the driver is doing.  It makes me so wet knowing I'm being watched!  I love to flash, I just wish more truckers would look around a bit more.
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Wife and I drive in a van above eye level..except for truckers. I try to hide her when asleep, topless.but I think she likes it...

Read my true story "We gave another couple a show".. .my wife-to-be...

I would love to be added to your circle to see all you have to offer.

Thank you very much about the tip about the glare. I had not really thought of that. My windows have a light tint, that might be an issue as well. I'll make sure to roll down the window next time! I have done a ***** tease in the seat before and I agree, there is a big difference in the intensity for everyone, it is just hard to get where you can do it and drive down the road also.

What a great post! I don't know if I would let someone touch me like that, but it sounds delicious. We also play road games quite a bit here in Ontario. I've found that when a trucker gets a good look at me wearing panties, then I take them off while he watches ... it's a lot more fun than just lifting up my skirt so that he can see my bush. If you roll down the window it gives them a better view because there is less glare. A while ago we had one trucker motion for me to roll the window down, then when we slowed down in traffic, he told us about the glare. It's a lot of fun, especially when the traffic is slow. When it's slow and safe, I can give the trucker a long and a clear view!!

I'll be keeping my eyes out for ya!

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like both you and your bf have a lot of fun flashing truckers. Rest assured that the truckers who are looking around are very interested in seeing your show and those that do not are not interested. That's the way it is. My wife flashes all the truckers we pass and we too have found that about half do not even look. Of the other half, only about half of that group looks. It is even a smaller number who take pictures, or stay next to us for miles, or talk about her **** on the CB. Some, not very many, actually strike up a conversation with me on the CB about how they like seeing her naked ****...that is if they see the antenna on the minivan we drive. My wife is too shy to tweak her nipples or play with her **** while the truckers watch, but she has no problem if I do so while they watch, go figure.