The Amazing Thrills

Me and show'n off go way,way back.From a very young age I'v got'n this huge thrill from being naughty in public places.Simple stuff like the way I dress,just for attention,suntan'n toppless by our pool.I'm a show off,does that make me bad girl?
My husband knows all about my crave'n for attention and he remains one of my biggest fans.We make a sexual event of it.I drive and he lay's back the passingers side seat.Covers his face with his ball cap,like he's asleep.No I'm not shy!..Unfast'n my blouse and let the pup's
breath.Gawd the leval of sexual excitment is hard to explain,untill you've been there.Like harmless for-play,the best sex I'v ever had with my husband has come after some form of show'n off.And if that makes this country girl,and bad girl?Love being bad.
twogears twogears
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Super!! Wife does that as well..