Flashing Pointers And Tips?

Hi There:
New to this site and I thought I would join this group. I do like flashing truckers here in Ontario, but I was just wondering about something so perhaps you can help out. If I am in the passenger seat of our mini-van, from the truckers point of view, where is the best place for the van in relation to the rig so that they can get the best view? It may sound like a silly question, but I'd like to know? Any pointers? And, can you see that I am "Brazilian" when I slow down and pass by?
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hi i am a driver and if you are a passenger then its kinda hard for most to see your lower half unless you raise ur hips just a little and as far as where to be beside the truck right by the door when you come up on a truck if you want him to know ur flashing during the day i suggest high beam lights if at night just an interior light ty for sharing with us truckers

How about when I flash when I am driving? I tend to drive with my skirt up around my waist - or my breasts shyly peeking out. I also tend to play with myself. Sometimes I'm seen - sometimes not. The turn on for me is to be seen while being naughty :) - how can I make sure you drivers see? Xo

Pace him stay at his door go pass him then let him pass u light on of dark pls pass me

So you can see the driver of a car from where you sit?

Yes great view just put that left foot on the dash and play we love it

Have you added me yet and where do you ride around flashing I haul steel pull a covered wagon run a littlebit of everywhere

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DanHans .... I do both. It depends on the trucker and how much traffic there is on the highway.

We have a silver mini van. Yes, I've had two truckers flash me back. Both times they pushed their hips up and I could see that their ***** were hard. Each time was early in the morning and there were very, very few cars on the road. It was kind of fun. Layla.

so layla what do you drive? have you been flashed back?

High beams ... good idea. I never thought about that!! I'll watch for black western star's next time I am out and about.

Yes, eye contact is the key, that and a wave with a big smile. We are often on the 401. Been down to Sardinia a few times but the 402 is only two lanes, so it's hard to give you a good view as there are always cars wanting to pass. What do you drive?

Layla, here in Ontario, havent seen you yet, love to look, i can show you the best way to see into your van, and that would be by putting you into the seat of the truck, parked of course. chevy4848@yahoo.com

Hi NashvilleMVW: <br />
Thanks for the comment. Yes it IS lots of fun. And yes, we always make sure the other cars can't see into our van when I flash the truck cabs. Like the chap said at the top of this section, it's best to turn and face the window. I get a lot of horn honking when I do it. Next time you are heading this way ... let me know.

Hey Layla...great that you seem to like the same thing as us! We find the best result in an SUV (We have a Land Rover Discovery..with a low window height. Wverone can see exactly what we are doing in the car from a truckers view....but it keeps the cars from seeing in (prevents kids from seeing something they need not see). I will have to keep an eye open for you next time I visit Ontario, CA! Best of luck!

Good to know. Thank you. I will have to give that a try!!

I'm glad to see their others who enjoy this! My wife loves to flash the panties and more. It is a huge turn on for us both. She is very leggy at 5 feet 11 inches. Will be rolling up I95 north this coming Friday!

I am not a trucker, but my wife and I have been told by several truckers that the best position for them to see my exposed wife is for her to simply turn toward them in her seat. I'd also guess that they probably don't care one way or the other about "Brazilian." All they care about is the view. Hopefully you have fun with your flashing; we certainly do.