I Love To Flash The Trucker's!!!

I didn't start flashing trucker's until after I got my Camaro with T-tops. I would get all dressed up and go for a long drive away from where I lived. To many people knew my car. On a hot sunny day I would put on my strawberry wig, a push-up bra, low cut and a very short skirt and pantyhose. The push-up bra gave me lots of cleavage and the short skirt showed off lots of leg.
One particular day I decided to go to Chicago and check out a nite club for crossdressers. I got ready packed some things, even some male things just in case, and off I went. I had to get gas so I waited until I was out of town a ways before I stopped at a convenient store/gas station and got out and sttarted to pump my gas. There were several guys there standing around their pick-up trucks, construction workers, I think, but all of So here I go on my adventure. I entered the pike and quickly got up to speed and waited for my first trucker. Wasn't long and here he came. The pike is 3 lanes and I was in the center one and he was in the right one My hair was blowing and I felt hot and sexy. Here he comes..I slow down abit to match his speed. He got right beside me and I heard him let off the throttle a bit. He stayed right beside me for a long time. When I drive I always have my left leg proped up against the door causing my already short skirt to go even higher to the point where you can see my panties and given the right angle you can.I know he was looking cuz I looked up at him and we smiled at each other. He gave me the thumb's up...we waved and I sped up to find another lonely trucker. This went on all day long, one after another. Once there was a line of about 10 or 12 truckers waiting for me to get beside them. I was feeling sexier than I had ever felt before. I made it into Indiania and had to pee. I came across a reat area that was for trucks only, but I had to pee real bad, so I went in and went to the ladies reat room and relieved myself. Got back in my car and continued on my was. It was getting about dusk so when I got beside a trucker I would turn the interior light on so he could see. I got up around Lake Station, I had to pee again. I found a Burger King and went in and used the ladies room. While I was in there on the pot I heard a couple of young girls come in, laughing and giggling about something, I waited until they left before I did. I finally got to the hotel and checked in and went to my room and took a nap before I headed over to the niteclub, buts that's another story!!!
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2011

Haaa I love this story ;-) You go girl!

For thirty years I drove a truck and ALWAYS looked for leg shots and got plenty of them. Have always had a fascination with legs. Anyway if one of them was yours I would personally like to thank you for making my day. I actually got in an accident one time because I was checking out this gorgeous lady in a convertible with her dress blowing up her thighs when a old woman in front of me slammed on her brakes for a yellow light and I rear ended her. That's Ok! The leg shot was SO worth it and the old lady got the ticket.

I, too drove truck for 30 years and loved the summer time...always looked for leg shots, boob shots anything from the ladies!!!

Mary, The best part is you fon't know them and they don't know you and the chances of the two of you ever meeting are slim to none. Although I had one try to follow me home one night. He got off the same exit as I did and flashed his lights a couple of times. I turned left and he turned left. I was getting scared but I know I could out run him!!!

Life is short Mary...Why wait???