Luv To Show My T*tties And P*ssy To Truckers

Lately, I've started flashing truckers again. My commute to/from work can take up to an hour in LA traffic so to keep from getting bored, I will pull down my top so it barely covers my nipples and pull up my skirt/dress enough to see my p*ssy and drive with my left leg up a little.

This morning I had on a tight red dress that unzipped up top so I decided to unzip it so that my breasts were highly visible but not exposed. I drove one lane over from the furthest right lane. I watched truckers through their mirrors and if any did a double take, I would slow down as I got to the driver-side window and take out my t*tties. I like to massage them and pull on my dark, brown nipples and make them really hard and long.

This one trucker decided he would drive alongside me as much as possible so I rewarded him by using my fingers to spread apart my p*ssy. I could tell he really liked it so I slid some fingers inside my p*ssy, alternating between doing that and rubbing my cl*t for him.

After teasing him for a while, traffic let up and I went on my way...

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16 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Gawd that's sexy!

So fun

So hott and so much fun. Congrats on starting again also

Nothing like sharing a boring commute with someone who appreciates a pleasant surprise. I hope you enjoy many more opportunities to keep things interesting. As long as you are enjoying it, I am sure it is a great pleasure for the viewers!

So hot!!! Wow!

I want to drive trucks your town

lovely way to speed your time on the road

So sexy!

Lucky trucker....I bet he had a different kind of crow bar to unload his truck with when he got to his destination.

Having driven trucks, Long-Haul, for many years I can tell you this, ALL US TRUCKERS THANK YOU VERY KINDLY every time you expose yourself. Nothing helps to keep us awake like looking at sexy boob's and wide spread legs!!!!!!

You give wonderful treats to those truckers

I know that the truckers are thankful to all the women like you out there.
Keep up the good work!

I love it when you're naughty sweety, it makes my todger tingle...

**** me! What a stunning woman you are. I obviously have to buy a truck and move to LA. !!~xxxxxx

Wish more ladies were like you, would be like the old days.

I just love it when my wife does this!!

So does my husband!