I Was Never So Brave

to flash for truckers or passing cars but one time this did happen.
I did sit behind my boyfriend on his motorbike, we riding for long time and I rally needed to pee.
I did ask him already many times to stop somewhere so I could pee.
Eventualy when we going steep uphill there was car park and he pulled up.
I wanted to go to bushes to pee but he said I must pee right there at entrance to truck parking place entrance.
The trucks were driving very slowly past the place and they could see me squatting try to pee,
I did feel so nervous and ashamed my pee didnt come out for long time and so many truckies did see my me with my skirt up and panty down trying to pee.
They honk their horn and wave at me and some trucks pulled up near me.
After I pee we left, my boyfriend was now horny.
We left and I did hug him when we riding, I could feel his **** with my hands it was so hard.
I dont understand why man gets horny if he see me pee and I show myself peeing to truckers, why was he not jealous that I show myself to other men?
desireforpassion desireforpassion
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

It's the feel that your ***** is exposed

every male want see females ***** ...

yes all men get fo gorny when they see a female peeing because when stream of pee comes out from ***** males ***** go erect and that time they get your ***** ..mmmm they can drink your pee also