Flashing My "sweater Puppies"

So I am sitting in my local oil change place waiting for my car to be done and I looked up and there is this man and his friend or son sitting across from me. The older man said hi and was talking about today's weather. All of the sudden he comes over and sits next to me and said "we love looking at your huge sweater puppies, they are just gorgeous". I couldn't believe my ears as this person is sitting inches away from me looking down at my boobs. So I looked down and just went along with it and said "why thank you, like you said it is very cold today, would you like to see my nipples up close"? He said "Not now but when your car is done I would like you to pull up next to mine and give us a little show". I said ok. He and his friend walked out to their pick-up and drove to the corner of the lot and waited for me. It was at least 10 minutes before my car was done. So I got in my car and unbottoned my shirt the rest of the way. I drove up and rolled my window down and he said they wanted me to slowly pull up my white t-shirt and press my **** against my window and then slowly lower my window so my **** are hanging out in the cold breeze. So I proceeded to do so. It felt strange at first, but as they were hanging out in the cold breeze it started to feel good as my nipples hardend up even more. The younger guy was in the passenger seat and asked if he could get out of his pick-up and touch them. So I let him come inside my car and he started rubbing my right nipple very lightly with his right hand making it harder and longer. I started to get turned on. He then proceeded to do the same with my other nipple. He asked me to hold up both of my boobs as he put his head over to suck on the nipples. Man, it felt so good. He just couldn't stop playing with my boobs. Such a great experience. I have posted a picture of what I was wearing, I never thought it would bring such attention.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

can I get an add please to see them uppies

love to see those sweater puppies. lucky guys

Would love to watch you play with your sweater puppies