Rest Areas

while talking about flashing on the hiway we got so arrouse d and started teasing truckers and just going out of control my wife is so hot we did trhis for miles then i said lets stop at the rest area for some relief and from there sugested going into the ladies room to finish in a stall and maybe someone would come in and we would have to be quiet so we did what a rush we had to wait to sneak out again what a fabulous finish to a fantastic day ,more to come

hawkeye65 hawkeye65
5 Responses Dec 31, 2008

What were the men doing in the ladies restroom???

Hubby made me do this a couple of months ago and I REALLY enjoyed it. We stopped at several truck stops on our vacation and had a blast letting the truckers watch me give my husband a ******* while kneeling on my seat, completely nude. Sometimes we only had one or two viewers and sometimes we had a crowd, but it was always hot having strangers watch me servicing my husband.

Hotsuzzy, I see a lot of men around rest areas, but have always thought most were interested in other<br />
men. I have been followed into the restroom, where all the signals were there to follow to a stall,<br />
or a guy in the neaxt urinal, was stroking himself. You are right they are aggressive. One was backed by the sidewalk, reading ****, had his hand out the window, with a & 100 dollar bill through <br />
his fingers. for them to follow into the ladies room is wild, when you think other ladies could have <br />
walked in. This must be such a turn on for you. Have you ever been caught by a lady who wanted <br />
to join in?

Hey Hawkeye, what did you and your wife do to tease the truckdrivers? Was she playing with your **** or sucking on it? Did she bare her boobs? I would have liked to been there. I bet it was exciting, and then to finish in the womens rest room. Sounds great. I'm a truckdriver and hope to see you sometime playing with each other. Hotsuzy I'm really surprised at least one or two didn't at least ask you if they could penetrate you. I would have then when I was ready to *** would have pulled out and squirted all over your butt.

My husband and I do this at rest stops. There are always men hanging out and most of them are fairly aggressive when in pursuit of sex. Last week we hit a rest stop in Maine and went into the ladies room where I ******** to nothing and started giving him oral sex. I could see several sets of legs and feet hovering around the stall we were in...all male. I motioned to my husband to make a little noise and as soon as he moaned, the stall door swung open and my bare butt and other parts were exposed to no less than 5 men. What ended up happening was the men took turns ************ and *********** on me. I was surprised that no one tried to penetrate me, but very turned on that they thought enough of my body to "shower" me with their love...