I'm a truck driver and it makes my day a whole lot better when a girl in a short skirt or low cut top passes slow so I can get a good look. Trucking is a boring life and it helps to see some fresh skin to keep us alert. Keep up your public service. You just might save a life.
joe7694 joe7694
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

I'm more than happy to help! It truly turns me on. Sometimes I notice they don't even look - focusing on the road like they should lol - but I want to show my stuff - any ideas on how I get your attention?

You Can pull up along side and run at same speed to get attention. I Always look if a car is going slow past me. 😊

That's good to know. I know many do look when I do that and that truly turns me on!

Makes a boring run so much better when you get flashed