Flashing Truckers

My wife and I got started flashing truckers without really meaning to.We were coming back from a trip to Atlanta traveling on I-85. Lisa was wearing a mini skirt and a sexy red blouse.She's always been cool about sucking my **** while I drive. She was laying on her stomach with her head in my lap just teasing and rubbing my ****. I started around a semi and was right beside him when it finally dawned on me that I wasn't making much progress getting around him. I sped up a notch and I could hear him speed up as well.Finally I leaned over and looked up at the cab and the guy was giving me the "thumbs up".I felt my **** getting hard immediately.I told Lisa that I thought she might be putting on a show for the truck beside us and she looked around at him and waved and wiggled her *** at him.She grinned at me a started unzipping my pants.She began a long wet lick all up and down my *****.She turned her body slightly so the trucker could get a good view of her licking my ****.I put my hand on her *** and started sliding her skirt up sooooo sloooowly it must have been painful for him.The guy was honk'n his horn and going nuts.Finally I got her skirt pulled up as far as it would go.Lisa's red thong stood out perfectly against her tanned skin.She was giving me the most intense blow job I ever remember in our 15 year marriage.I let him watch as I slowly slid my fingers down the crack of her ***.I could feel the gooey wetness of her ***** right thru her panties.I've never seen her get so wet so fast.He watched me finger her to a climax while she pumped her tight *** up and down.I even slid two fingers into her *** while she fingered her own *****.Finally , I couldn't hold back any longer , I blew an unreal huge load into her mouth.It seemed like I came for five minutes.Then like the horny little winch that she is , she got on her knees in the passenger seat facing the window.She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her ******* out the top of her bra.And then when she was sure he was looking she let that huge load drizzle out of he mouth and all over her ****.She ran her fingers thru the *** and the licked every fingertip for him.After it was over with , we scooted on down the road talking about what just happened.I told Lisa I didn't thing I had ever seen her so turned on and she replied that she didn't think she'd ever been that hot before either.We enjoyed it so much that we would make frequent special trips out to the Interstate just do flash the truckers.We've had them fight over us trying to be the one besdie us.One time they even boxed us in and took turns.Another time the driver even took pictures of us while he drove.What a turn on.Our best experience was when we actually let one follow us to a store that was out of business just off the exit.We let the guy get out and watch , but thats a whole nother story!Lemme know what ya think !

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15 Responses Jun 28, 2009

My wife does this all the time when we travel. She has 36 DD **** and love to show them to truckers. She has also sucked me off while a trucker watched.

Hope MY wife gets that horny on the road someday!

thanks for sharing your story I love it

I'm in spartanburg SC I hope to see some flashing one day. I will stay hard for the rest of the day email me if you are passing thru. Or if you have some pix you want to share with me thanks

nice story next time get some pics yourself so us truckers can see what we are missing, that will be a bigger turn on for you reading all the comments

We love to do this too .. started as a challenge.. in my sports car i told her i bet she could give me a bj the car was so small.. so she did.. then we came up next to a jeep and her little butt was in the air.. and i puller her skirt up higher and made sure her panties came downenough to see her wetness.. i came sooo fast.. since then we tyr to pull up next to turckers and stay for as long as they can stand it.. sometimes with a bj.. but lately.. she likes me to get her started.. then go onher own with her feet up on the dash.. and her hand working herself fast.. we get off on these experiences over and over.. when we re having regular sex in bed..

Great story. I'll be looking for you on 85.

You two might have started by accident but you jumped in an a big way..... hope to see you on the highway!

omg wat a hot n naughty storie love in

omg wat a hot n naughty storie love in

I absolutely LOVE to see women flashing their ****, and ***** as they pass me, or better yet....ride along beside of me S L O W L Y...and pout on a show for me!<br />
THANK YOU.to those women, and couples who enjoy giving us drivers some "eye candy"!<br />

What a hot story, My wife and I do that weekly. The only difference is that she is wearing pantyhose and sucking me as truckers roll up beside us. I have a huge pantyhose fetish and she wears ph with heels a very short skirt and i slide her skirt to her waist for the truckers to see. I have a;lso had quite a few truckers follow us off into a rest area or parking lot to get out and watch from outside her side of the car and jo as i expose her. We are always on I94 in Michigan near Jackson if u ever get close hit me up and we can give u a show. Jacsonlacy@aol.com.

That was a hot story. I have seen a female giving head a few times. it sounds like you and your wife are addicted. It is a big rush to watch, but I'm sure even better for you. Hope to see you some day.

O M G that is so exciting, my wife has flashed truckers but nothing like that on the hwy. Your a very lucky man to have a great wife to do that with, Hope to see you on HWY 44 just west of St.Louis,Mo. oh, we did end up meeting a guy who was a truckers and it was her fantasy to **** him in his truck. wich she did several times with and with out me.

damn i got a truck how bout her giving me that chance as well,lol