I Lov 2 Tease the Truckers

Hi Im Debbie and this is my story...

I am very fussy when it comes to boyfriends the must agree / enjoy me teasing the truckers after all it is something I have been doing for years now, and it just turns me on like nothing else.

when we go for days out which usualy involves driving down the motorways, (oooh I can't wait)

when driving along side a line of big truck's, I will start changing into my "trucker teasing clothes" which are always very short skirts that just show my knickers a little, my knickers usually have things like " hot n juicy" or "insert here" etc... and low cut tops that are so thin that it is real easy to see my nipples, and long boots with lots buttles on,

we can drive with ease as we know that because of the 4x4 vehicle we use means that cars/ familys can't see me but only the truckers in high trucks can ;-)

I was total amazed when my boyfriend sugested we pull into a truck stop, anyway I agreed and within 2 mins we were parked right oppersit a big class 1 truck and to my delight the trucker wasn't one of the many old fat gits, this one was about my age 26years, he was really good looking, my bf asked me to spin towards him and put my leg up on the dashboard and move my leg from side to side slowly, .it was then I realsied that my bf was trying to control me (ohhh I am so glad) the trucker looked over and noticed me in fact I think he was trying to read what was on my pants but then maybe not...as I had just noticed that his arm was moving (think he was playing ;-)

He then started to becon me wasn't sure what he was trying to say but I think it was undo my top, I asked bf what should I do as I found this very daring for me as I am usualy on the move,, he said just treet it as foreplay and that we would never see this dude again so what the hell..

I slowly unbuttoned my top all the way down and looking at the trucker, he pointed his fingure at my blouse and made a movement of his fingure asking me to pull the blouse open to show him my ****, I looked at the bf who just nodded, I slowly pealed it back reveiling my **** and suddenly noticed that his arm movements were getting faster (now I knew he was playing with himself) I got quit exited thinking about it, and wondered what his **** was like (couldn't tell bf that ;-)

then I found myself playing with my **** for the trucker's benefit but I was getting hotter myself and my bf could see just how much as my pants were getting wet with exitment...

then to my suprise and delight my normally shy bf took my hand and put it on his ****, I started to **** it, I could feel how exited it all way making him as his **** was sticky on top,

I contued to play with bf while looking stright into the eyes of the hunky trucker and I found myself wishing it was his **** in my hand, something I would never happen? would it...

the trucker then made same movement as he did before only now he was pointing at my pants, I just smiled but nerviously slid my pants down to my ancles and sliped out one booted foot, the bf was leaning back in the seat with his eyes closed most of the time with just the odd glimps between my legs, I waited until he closed his eyes again and I made the trucker a sign asking he get up off his seat, this he did instantly bf glanced up at that moment, (phew I nearly got caught) buy wow I am really glad I did that as truckers **** was massave, must of been 11" god I was so exited, all the time hoping that by wouldn't turn around and see trucker had his **** in view or he might call it a day, and I did not want that t happen as trucker was such a turn on..

I started playing with my self big style and I heard myself moaning with plesure at that my bf moved my hand and put his head between my legs and then I could feel his hot tounge..

wow I couldn't belive I was here like this letting a trucker watch and **** so close to, any closer and I could of touched his cab (if not his ****;-) soon I was to best orgasam ever, I think it was the sight of that good looking truckers **** ******* spurting out of his side window, wow seemed to be ******* for ages,

That was nearly a year ago now and we still go to truckstops but only ever seen the odd young trucker if only I could find more young truckers to tease ;-)

I must admit that at the time I would of loved the young huny trucker with the big **** to come right over and **** me but I lov bf and if I sugested it he might leave me, I am just so lucky to have a understanding bf... but now when I drive down the moterway by myself, I can feel myself hitching up my skirt and playing, hoping to see that same trucker again, what would I do?

if I am really daring I would flash my lights and pull into layby, climb in to his cab and ley on his bunk and climb on his **** and hold on for the ride, truth is I would lov to **** that **** that hunky trucker.... not sure if I have the nerve to go through with it or maybe I am just dreaming!


debbie x

sexyDebbie sexyDebbie
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like cactuspete, i`m a trucker also.<br />
i loved your story, and would definetly like to hear some more about your experiences flashing truckers.<br />
i`ve had this happen to me quite a few times, actually, but never parked in a truck stop...it usually happens while rolling down the highway<br />
thanks for your story

More women would allow their wives to be shared if they could just see the pleasure it brings the woman. And at the end of the night they reap the benefits.

Debbie, WOW WOW WOW my wife has flashed a few truckers when were on the road to the lake, But she would never let me pull into a truck stop for her to show off all the goods, but then again she know i would want him to come closer and feel her ***** or invite us up into his bunk so i could watch them **** their lights out. Keep up the good work with flashing the truckers. We all appreicate seeing lady's flash even if were in the S.U.V's

Well Sexy Debbie that's a great story. I am a truck driver and have been for 20 years. I've been flashed a few times here and there but never like that. I really got hard reading your story. I put myself in that truckers place and had to play with myself just imagining looking at you play with youself. Then when you said you kicked your panties off and bared your ***** and he is looking straight at you, yeh I'm sure his hand went a lot faster up and down his ****, Mine did. In most cases a truckdriver is gong to be very cautious about approaching a car unless invited by a wave of the finger or hand. Had you motioned to him I'm sure he would have come over, I would have. Thanks for the exciting time. I loved it. I would really like to have you flash me but unfortunately I would disapoint you, because I only have 7 1/2". I do love to lick ***** though if that sounds good to you.