Truckers See Everything?

Recently I decided to try a little flashing for passing truckers. It took a while for me to get up the full courage but now I am completely comfortable with it. I loved it so much that I do it quite often on the way home from work now. I do it on main highways so I don't show my breasts. But I do take off my panties and lift my skirt right up. I drive with the passenger window down so a passing truck on the inside lane can get a better view. When a truck passes I try and elevate myself without looking too obvious so a trucker can see all of me. Can truckers see EVERYTHING from their high rigs? I drive along as if I am unaware of them looking in and I get soooo hot and wet! I just love it.

How many women do this? Do truckers see very many *******? I prefer that truckers don't honk their horns. It is enough to know that as they pass they check me out in their outside mirrors. Do truckers pass on the number plate information for other truckers? And do they take photos?

I would love some feedback on this.



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I just did it today! I was only brave enough to pull my top down enough to give a good view of cleavage. It makes me hot!

You bet we can see everything!! It's always nice to know that there's pretty ladies out there showing themselves off to bring a little excitement to our long hauls.

I love to do the same .
I think it's hot to make someone's day that way .

I am a truck drivers wife....and I would whip your *** if I caught you flashing my husband. Js If you pulled over that is...;) I am from Georgia....that's how WE roll.

You are missing the opportunity to see the happy response you are generating. Nothing makes a flashing lady prettier than a smile. A smile shows that you are confident and happy.
It's a great feeling to see the trucker smile back. I also don't like it when they blow the horn, but love it when they give me a big smile. Don't be shy about sharing a smile with someone who is as happy to receive as you are to give a beautiful view.

I love to get flashed doesn't happen often though we can see quite a bit if you are a passenger it is harder to see your lap

Oh very nice!! What a great sight to see

my wife has flashed her ***** to loads to truckers we love it

maybe one day i will be one of the lucky truckers who your wife has flashed her ***** to

We can usually see most everything, just be sure and match our speed don't pass to fast or let us pass too fast, that way we get a good look. I for 1 try to flash back

I am a trucker and I have to say I love women that flash me and wear thigh high stockings. Mmmmmmmm. Do you ever get excited knwoing we are looking?

I get very excited to know you are looking .
I always slow down and ride side by side so the driver can see all.
I try in most cases to climax while they watch .

So I take it you're playing with yourself as you show off to us truckers?
I wish I'd see you out on the hwy.

yes we do see everything and i for one enjoy every flash or show put on. keep up the flashing.

i live in nc and dont get flashed anymore i guess all the ladies here dont care to do it but ill thank you for my fellow truckers we all love it keep up the shows ;)

I think women flashing is the main reason for C B radios to still be in those big trucks.

I'm a truckers wife and I live in our truck with him. YES we can see it all, rather ppl mean for us to or not. Unless u have tented windows there isn't much we can't see. We LOVE the view!!!!!!!!!!! We don't pass on a plate number we just call over the cb " Hey check out the silver truck or whatever ur in"

I would love to meet you on the highway ;-)

I'm a truckers wife and I live in our truck with him. YES we can see it all, rather ppl mean for us to or not. Unless u have tented windows there isn't much we can't see. We LOVE the view!!!!!!!!!!! We don't pass on a plate number we just call over the cb " Hey check out the silver truck or whatever ur in"

Truckers do see everything! I loved watching a woman show off going down the road..<br />
My wife now loves flashing drivers aas she commutes home every day.

My wife and I go out late night in Michigan along I94 near Jackson and she lays on her stomach sucking me as i slide her skirt to her waist and show them her pantyhose covered bottom. I love that. I keep the inside light on so they good a good view.

yes i love a show i am allways lookin n thanks for all dda ladies i have seen

I tried to take some pics of my wife teasing truckers on a trip one time, but they didn't come out well. Maybe the truckers pics came out better? Guess I'll never know.

I am not sure about whether they pass on plate numbers, but they do get on their C B radios and talk about the sexy gal in the red **** with an open sunroof. How do I know? I have a portable C B receiver that I sometimes leave on my passenger seat tuned to their most popular channel. I have heard some pretty racy comments about myself and others. . . mostly myself as the range of my radio is quite limited.

Yes the do radio ahead to other truckers .
I passed a convoy of 18 trucks once . I swear everyone of them were looking at me in the side mirrors before I got close to them..
It was the best trip to the ocean ever .

Nice to know that they can see everything... what a delicious and somewhat mortifying thought... I must have purposefully and inadvertantly flashed myself to 50 truckers last weeked! I thought it was only when they honked that they had seen something, but now I know that many were just sitting back and appreciating!

Nice to know that you can see everything. We have had fun doing a bit of flashing on the highway, and while hubby drives, I have made a few truckers smile. I will hike my skirt to let them see my panties, then if they look like they are enjoying the show, I will lean back, push my hips up and take them off while they watch. Next I put my left foot on the dash so that they can get a good view. I think they like that, plus I am a natural blonde too! But, as soon as I see them lifting up a cell phone... it's over. You'd think they would just enjoy the view.

Hi Happy,<br />
thanks for the pictures you sent. Haven't heard from you lately. Everything ok?<br />

What a good question Happy -- I always wonder just how much truckers can see too! Thanks for sharing :)

Yes, we can see everything from the neck down to your toes and yes!! we take pics. Thank you for keeping us all happily bringing you freight to the stores!!!

That's hot