Me Too

I love to drive down the interstate topless.  The breeze on my **** makes my nipples very hard and erect.  I really enjoy playing and or sucking on my **** when I go by a trucker.  Often times I slow down in order to give the trucker a good show.  He then flashes his lights or honks at me in appreciation.  Don't you think we should all be nice and show our **** to truckers??

meljrey meljrey
51-55, F
12 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Yes, I totally agree. I also enjoy the sensation of the wind blowing on my bare nipples with my big knockers on display in the sunshine. Nothing wrong with sharing a beautiful breast, I say!

My wife does that frequently when we are on a long trip or a fairly short one. She also does it when the mood strikes her by herself.

Thanks! I do too!!!!

always like a hooter shot

Yes I do. I'm a trucker and I love to see a good pair.

We like seeing it all only problem is there isnt enough out there that will do it

We like either one or both. I enjoy seeing women that suport the truck drivers. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice to see there's more of us that like to keep the truckers happy.

Thanks. I enjoy pleasing others as much as possible. By the way, just for curiosity's sake, which do truckers prefer to see: lower or upper anatomy?

hope i can see you out there on the road one of this days

We really do appreciate it.<br />
Driving a truck is interesting, as we are always in a different town, meet a lot of people from many <br />
cultures, Meljrey, that is so hot, I like you playing with yourself.

Great idea.