On Vacation

well iwas in orlando for a week and had some real fun i spent the whole week in shorts and in the sun had a few beers hung out at the bar with a group of people went out to eat went racing went to the pool  at one point i was noticing a lady with a short skirt sunning herself really well sexy panties very friendly we got along great at one point i figured out i was relly hanging out and she liked it alot and she had to leave later but in the afternoon she came back for some more later ,was a fun day then i went out to dinner with some people and and had some fun with the waitress she noticed my ****S up through my pantleg and brought it up with me actually twice she had a good time also im kind of supprised but it was really exciting i gave just a peek and only noticeable if they really checked so i started watching the women by the pool and in the bar to see how many looked close even if nothing showed many many did so i had some more fun in the bar the bartender and i had a fun afternoon the last day she was sweet and kept coming to talk to me it was fun she too let me know i am glad it goes both ways great fun

hawkeye65 hawkeye65
Feb 16, 2009