My Kite I Bulted

I was in the 6th grade our class project

was to build a kite , the day came we went to the foot ball field

MISS MYERS said there would be two grades one was for building the kite

you eather got  A A OR A F  if you builted the kite you got a A and if you didnt you got

a F. The other grade was based the same way if your kite flew you got a A no matter

how long or how short the flight was and if it didnt fly you got a F.

 Well it came up to my turn i got a a for building the kite then nexk was the flight

well mine flew for 5 seconds and hit the ground . i was proud it flew . it was made out of trash bags and i very carefuly took moms iron and went down the doimond shaped

and melted the trash bag to the wire hangers ,the wire hangers were the

frame of the kite and it looked a little crude but it flew. got 2 A's

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Feb 11, 2009