My First Kite

I must have been about 10 didnt know any thing about kites . my dad

got me a yellow kite with a clown on it . my father watched with pride

i could see it on his face my kite just wouldnt fly i didnt know why my dad said i'll

be back he had a bed sheet he was ripping the sheet into strips he was

making a tail and he told me let me show you how to fly this kite. he tied the tails

on the kite and he got the kite above the tree tops then the kite got so high

in the sky it was almost as high as the planes fly , my dad said you try now

i could feel the power of my fathers grip of the kite string and he held the

kite string with me i was so proud i was nearly jumping he told me

keep and eye on the kite , then while we flew the kite it seemed for hours

he told me when he was a little boy he would fly kites in a contest , then

my kite string broken my dad looked sad and me too

then i said now what ? he said well hope it will come down the wind caught

it and down it came crashing down we started to run we didnt want it to hit us

it was great having that time sharing something so new with my dad.

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Feb 11, 2009