I Was Flying


Sunday night I offically stepped into the unknown. Ecstasy is considered taboo for most and it was for me too. I had known that alot of people I know have been trying it, and from what I heard I knew it would either be a good ''trip'' or a bad one, I'd just have to see. Over the past few months I'd told my good that i would try it, because he's been begging. I'm someone who plans out everything perfectly, which includes Who, Where, When, How, etc. He had no plans and told me we would stay in the car and listen t music, which didnt cut it. So after weeks of procrastinating I decided to go for it. He'd texted me that he bought it, there was no going back. Tony got a blue pill for me ''Blue Dragon''. This means nothing to me, but got an OMG reaction when I texted my rave friend Asslea, yes Asslea, that I had consumed it.after taking it, we went to the chevron in my little silver hyundai to pick up some drinks. I got a sweet tea, and he got a raspberry one. They were the giant .99 Arizona Iced Tea brand. He took two. After driving a bit we just parked and waited apparently. Suddenly I just rubbed my handa through my hair and moaned. Thats when I knew I was rollin. My hair felt great. My armchair was fun to chew on, as was my arm. My entire body was convulsing, I had to move. Suddenly MGMTs song ''Electric Feel'' came on my iPod. This made me moan again, and i was still rubbing my hair. I then put on a giant pair of cop aviator glasses, the giant ones. I loved them. The entire night I got out of my car twice, and ran. The only thing is that I wasn't running, I was flying. Faster than the speed of sound, thats how fast. I felt guilty, horny, cold, hot, invincible, and I guess it will be safe to say for a while I felt INFINATE. I've been told I now have a small hole in my brain, but for some reason I dont care. I would never smoke weed, do shrooms, meth, crack or herion, Ecstasy is something I want to try again. Months from now that is. Now its Tuesday, I stopped rollin about 4 in the morning Monday and drove home. Its now 12:30 pm tuesday afternoon. I have more to write, but I don't have the patience.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Good on you but some words of warning the first trip is the best after that the effect gets less and less drink loads as i am sure you are awear try sex on E it is just out of this world and if you leave it for 2 - 3 months then it is great again but dont believe all the people that say it is not addictive it is you allways want it but have to be strong and resist i have been 6 months now with out and still crave it allmost daily.

I have a male friend that can no longer perform certain functions without XTC. It scares me to death. I have seen how they act on it and it is a trip and a half. I wish you luck though because I am just not so brave.