As i was riding through my favorite stretch of trail this morning i couldn't help but make a comment to the other riders on how spectacular this path was and how i find it beautiful, no matter what time of year i find myself on it. Then i heard the news,that made my blood run cold.."well then, enjoy it while you can".
Underneath this particular section of trail is a drain. A drain, which is there to carry excess water from surrounding crop fields and dump it into the nearest waterway. It was installed decades ago to drain the swampy forests and convert them into very fertile fields. Close to 85 % of our area's forests were drained this way. 85% of our area's natural ecosystem was lost. But Nature is Nature and sooner or later things revert to the natural order of things. Left alone, forest reclaimed the land above the pipe.
Since the economy is not really humming here at this point, many government projects are just invented in order to keep people working. And so the maintenance of the drain, and consequently clearing of the woods along that beautiful trail, is one of those projects. And since it runs through privately owned land , the owners were told that if they don't agree to that they will be held liable for any flood damage to the crop fields. They don't really have much choice, do they.
The thing that gets me is the short-sightedness of this whole thing and total lack of knowledge about how our ecosystem works. Vegetation and especially trees hold enormous amounts of water. I don't know how anyone figures that clearing the woods along the drain will help make drainage any better. To me that's just insane.
I don't even want to think about the all the life that will vanish in the name of short term employment creation and supposedly saving GMO crops. Makes me want to cry
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Thank you so very much for this poem'so very fitting here. I didn't know this one.<br />
Oh, and Alice Walker is amazing! :)

Hi Mary :) I couldn't agree with you more. I too have faith in humanity but very little faith in governments. It really seems to me that most politicians are totally out of touch with what is actually happening in "the real " world and how their shortsighted decisions have long reaching and lasting effects on the very thing that sustains us all...Nature. I very much like what you said here... "make it political mark to do no harm". :)

I want to beleive that people do good things and I think most people do. But, I'm growing increasingly cyncial of politicians. It doesn't seem to matter if their red or blue. Leave it alone. Make it your political mark to do no harm. Let us be.

Yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad it worked out for the best :D

It's done :( But i got promission from the land owner to get the local Conservation Authority involved in a restoration project. It will ensure that next time the township orders to" just clear " that land they will have to deal with the Conservation Authority may not be so easy ;)

I know so much is lost in the name of 'job creation'. That's why when the politicians talk about creating jobs my first question is 'what kind of jobs?' <br />
<br />
Have you considered writing to your local representative or state senator? You could contact an organization like the Sierra Club and see if you could find like minded people to stir up media attention to this problem. I don't know if it would do anything, but its better than doing nothing. Just because some people in power think their way is the only way, doesn't mean it has to go smoothly.

that is so sad, it is a tragedy to do this!

I was raised and live in the suburbs but I'm a tree hugger at heart. I drive to places just to have a prettier walk among the trees. I'm sorry you're losing your beautiful landscape. :(

Oh Trailguide I'm so sorry....Just senseless. I hope somehow, someway, some thing intervenes.

The point about progress is that it is not necessary if there is no demand from an end user. So, are we prepared to protest by not buying the product or service. Are we prepared to pay more for the "green" alternatives.<br />
<br />
Do we put our children on school buses instead of taking 300 cars to the same school.<br />
<br />
Point is how much personal sacrifice are we willing to make or do we just talk about the environment. <br />
<br />
love and peace

Some of the things our govt does make no sense. I have been reading about a car that was developed in India that runs on COMPRESSED AIR. And it can't be sold here b/c the EPA doesn't know if it will pass environmental standards. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We release compressed air every day here from tires, nail guns, and on and on. IT"S AIR!!! Makes you really wonder who is calling the shots.

Thank you all so much for your comments.<br />
<br />
This stuff just gets to me sooooo much and when something like this happens i realize how huge the issue is. Not one forest, not one trail but countless ones around the globe...

:'( I'm sorry, tg. Let's all hope for the best.. maybe the plans WILL get lost in the shuffle... can't hurt to hope, as datura said :)

Thanks Dee... here is hoping for the best.

good story! yup, it's real sad. I just think they really don't care.<br />
<br />
Hey, long time no see. Glad to run up on you once again. I hope all is well on your side of the pond! Take care.

I am just wondering who those "they who don't care are" and what is it that they care about.

Thanks for stopping by. It's good to see you too. Hope all is well in your world.

I'm really sorry. Maybe they'll get busy with other projects and never get to this one. That's what I'm going to visualize happening. Can't hurt, right?

No it can't hurt :) and thank you. Now lets just visualize a stop to ALL insane projects which destroy nature. Lets visualize getting our priorities straight as a species dependent on the health of this planet .

I'm so sorry to hear that...The place where I live used to be a peaceful countryside a few years back, with lots of greenery. Some time ago, a few of my friends were asked to move elsewhere, because the voyt (?) of our district decided to build a highway exactly where their houses were standing. At the moment, they are just building it and I know that my place won't be so peaceful anymore once we start having traffic here...And clearing beautiful forests is even worse...I understand your sadness and anger. (((Hugs)))

*sigh* I bet you will be paying for it not only by having surrounding nature destroyed and having highway run by your house but also with higher "improvement" taxes. That's the insanity. How horrible for the people who have to be displaced too. Oh..voyt=reeve ;)
Voyt reeve

we do this all the time. We build dams, canals, dykes etc<br />
<br />
it is not always bad and nature sometimes recovers by adapting.<br />
<br />

yes, some things are necessary but this is not. It's not to save lives, it's to grow cheap corn for cheap animal feed and the evil known as corn syrup and for the cheapest filler ingredient in most of processed foods. Not worth it!

The only thing that I can think is that it might be that the forests might not be substantial enough to withstand the drainage needs of the area, that is, the pipeline is necessary to divert water and prevent catastrophic flooding and property damage. I am just guessing, not playing devil's advocate. I was just trying to figure out why they would insist on this. <br />
Sometimes the ecosystem, as naturally effective as it can be, needs to be manipulated in order to protect residences and farmland etc. Still, I cringe myself, anytime a tree is sacrificed. <br />
It may in fact be a case of jobs too, but a lot of the infrastructure jobs that are being "created" are for projects that have been sitting in the planning stages for years, but have not been completed for lack of funds. Just saying.<br />
I am sorry though. It is easy to get attached to landscapes and I know how devastating it can be emotionally when they are damaged. I feel your pain.

It would make more sense if this was a populated area prone to flooding but it is not at all. The drain diverts water full of agricultural chemicals from corn and soy fields staight into the river. I have a feeling that this is a way for the township to justify existing or slap on new infrastructure taxes. I rather see them create jobs and spend the tax money on reforestation. This just hurts :(

Oh :(<br />
<br />
Makes me want to cry too


Yes its very sad !!! :(