I Guess I Must Be A Tree Hugger

I used to live in the Pacific Northwest and camped and fished all over the region. One of the saddest things I've ever seen is areas where timber companies had done clear cut logging. The practice of clear cutting is where they cut roads into the mountainsides then literally cut down every tree for as far as the eye can see leaving a barren wasteland. All of the native plant life that had once lived in the shade of the canopy of huge trees dies when exposed to the direct sunlight. All of the wildlife disappears having no more viable habitat to support them. Erosion becomes rampant choking streams & rivers. The timber companies justify it by claiming that they replant the forest with new seedlings, but the seedlings they plant are all of the same hybrid species developed for quick growth and another harvest of timber not the diverse species that originally grew there. When those seedlings do grow it looks like a forest from afar but is simply a tree farm lacking all of the biodiversity that was once there. I know we need timber to build homes, make paper products etc. but there are sustainable ways to do it. I've seen and hiked through many clear cut regions and it's truly a heartbreaking sight to behold.

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Thank you for the links!

I know when I build my home I intend to make it from other materials and live off the grid mostly. So much wood and other things get wasted it doesn't have to be used so much. I get mad at how so many people waste water. <br />
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