Love 2 Flirt With Danger At The Office

Okay. I admit it. I'm an incorrigible flirt. You wouldn't think it at first glance, because I'm ohhhh-so-conservative! But there's really nothing more empowering (or efficient!) as flirting! A while back, I had a female coworker who flirted w/me OUTRAGEOUSLY -- and I was enchanted. She was a sexy little Puerto Rican number, and almost every day as I was typing or working conscientiously, she'd stop by my desk, bend forward, shimmy at me w/pouty little lips and break into song in that sultry accent: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me . . .!" Mmmm . . . yeah. If only she knew! :-) I'd laugh every time and shoo her away -- but anything she needed from me -- she always got!

She left the company a few years ago, but she taught me well. In my position, I have to "sell" managers and executives on rules & compliance obligations. I began to borrow a few of my old colleague's tricks. A smile w/lowered lids here . . . a bend there . . . a brush of a fingertip, and the well-placed compliment. They worked wonders. Until . . .

I met my match. There's a manager at my office who is driving me BANANAS! Our office flirtation waxes and wanes. He instant messages me every day, says he misses me when I'm gone, and sometimes calls me after hours. We test each others' limits by standing or sitting wayyy too close when we meet to discuss issues. He makes a point of stopping by my department (very out of the way) to say "hello" almost daily.

Lately, because he KNOWS how this makes me wild, he's begun DANCING for me! If you blink, you'd miss it -- but when he makes eye contact, smiles that sexy smile, and dips a little hip thrust --- O. M. G! Today as we walked down the hall, he caressed my sleeveless arm covertly. For a span of a good 10 seconds! His touch was like fire. I swear, I almost came on the SPOT.

While I have never, EVER crossed the line with a coworker -- THIS flirtation is definitely headed straight to my DANGER ZONE! And I'm loving every minute of it.
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Oh what fun!
I am sure you both enjoyed (still enjoy) the thrill!

Good times . . . I actually no longer work for that employer. The business went belly-up. And I have always stuck to my guns about NO funny biz where I work! :-)

That is a good policy but the flirting is such fun!

Hello, like to trade hot emails,

LOL!!! I can just imagine. Wish I'd seen the show! Either she was flirting outrageously or you were extraordinarily "magnetic" that day. I'm pretty sure she didn't mistake you for part of the furnishing. *grin* <br />
<br />
Good thing yr friendly HR Rep didn't walk by. No doubt one or both of you'd have been in for a spanking (now THERE's a thought!). ;-)