Being Nice Is Called Flirting?

I am always nice to guys. I laugh at funny things they say, I look them in the eye when we're having a conversation, and I smile a lot when talking to them.
This is called flirting? I don't really get it. I went to the mall with a guyfriend at church and my friend, Lynn, from school, and we had fun. I didn't THINK I was flirting, but to my friend, Lynn, I was.. Majorly. This frustrated her and we now barely talk. Did she over react?

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1 Response Jul 24, 2011

Well, just think... was I behaving any different towards her or anyone else that wasn't a nice looking young man?.. someone's one does flirt without knowing... flirting is just of communication... just don't neglect your girlfriend or anyone close to you whenever... it's about inclusion... I was once on an evening and this gentleman was very rude towards because he ignored me completely and his whole attention went towards younger women of just other men at the course... it happens! Hope this helped you a bit... take care! Val :-)