He Was Tempting Me To Go Along With It!

I have this colleague whom I at first could not stand, but the more we work together the more I realize that he seems to know exactly how to push my buttons... and today I managed to actually flirt a bit with him!  But hopefully all in good fun.

I am against dating people from work, but one has got to keep an open mind, you know?  Maybe the love of your life is right there in your workplace!  What the heck.. you can always find another job!!  HAHA just joking... I make it sound so easy to get a job...

It is best to be very careful when doing some flirtin' at the office... it's not always such a healthy thing.  Anyone else have some stories to share?

PixieGirlie PixieGirlie
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I flirt with a lot of female colleagues. A lot of them are married and i know not to cross the line with them. Do have ex-worker that i called the other day,waiting if she calls me back.

i really do not condone people doing the things you did when you are married! shame on you FFS!!!<br />
<br />
even though you just kissed... its NOT JUST kissing... you cheated!! I hope your wife finds out what a lying SOB you are.