The Only Thing I Think About

Why won't she call?
Why won't she write me back?
Why won't she love me?
Why won't she see me?
Why won't she tell me her feelings?
Why won't she realize the feelings I have for her?

Why doesn't she like me?
Why does she go out with every boy but me?
Why does she take a photo with other boy?
Why does she play with my mind?
Why do my friends say I should forget about her?
Why don't I forget about her?

Why can't she make up her mind?
Why can't she read the signs I've given to her?

Why must she keep me waiting?
Why must she keep me hanging on a ledge?

Why is she the only thing I think about?

Why? Why? & Why ????????????
sandeep150 sandeep150
22-25, M
Sep 10, 2012