Ooops I Did What?

      It was the first week of school and the weeks before I was granted a summer job to mow my neighbors laws  and upkeep his landscape. Oh goody for someone who just started the 5Th grade this was going to be a fun challenge.  At least that's what I thought.  It was an easy gig, mow land, cut hedges and watch the pool. Heck, the house was practically next door, so my parents would see how great of a job I did. Maybe I can get paid for doing the same thing at home.  Just maybe.

   So for two weeks, i watched it, and when the days got hot I would often put the hose in the pool so it would not evaporate.  It was my first summer job and I wanted to look good. Two inches gone from the side pool, oh no not gonna happen.  We were in a heat stroke. I wonder why I did not even jump in for a swim? Oh yeah i was humble and respectful at that time. 

     One afternoon, i walk from school and I saw water running along the sidewalk. Sorta like how it would if it rained a little bit.  The neighbors yard was not wet and the one house who waters his lawn at this time wasn't on. Whats going on?  Oh no, please don't let it be that house, pls. I screamed in my mind running ahead to spot where this crazy leak was coming from.


   I jumped over the fence and I saw that the pool was fine, it was not over flooded.  Oh crap. In my mind i went through a mental checklist of what I did the day before and damn me I forgot to turn off the water hose.  I left it in and it went into the safety drain out into the sidewalk.  I quickly turned it off, ran next to my house and hid.  Did anyone see me, does any neighbor know?

    Unfortunately, my neighbor down the street where it ran by watched this flow of water running across his driveway and asked me what happened.  I explained or did I lie that I knew nothing? Either way I confess to that one little incident when my they came back from vacation.  They said it was OK, I smelled something Funky and was handed a 5 dollar bill. That was it, only 10 bucks to watch a freaking guys house and mow his lawn better then he ever could? I bit my tongue, headed home and bought me some chocolate. Gaoosh I felt better. Boy guilt at that stage sure was a pain in the butt.


nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 7, 2009