Flush The Toilet

Im a teenager, and Im 17, the stupid things ever i have is forget to flush that toilet, I make all A+ at school, a guys with really good altitude at all time in school and surrounding by a lot of good opinion, but who know?? i can't remember to flush my toilet once in a while, is that normal? i feel embarrassing now, because my uncle keep telling my mom that and not told me straight! i got a really bad short term memory after i recognize that i sometimes have headaches and it make me feel stress, especially is when i woke up and my bus is so dawn confuse, always come at random time!. i feel bad, just wanna die, i know it disgusting, and nobody want it to happen, i did a lot of research and found out there's a lot of people out there have the same problem with me,

I just don't know what to do now, i go online, type in google, " how to tell my story?" and they brought me here, things just keep worse because it like 4 or 5 time already, sound crazy? but true!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 18, 2013