Fly Fishing

when I was very young many many years ago I use to go almost everywhere my dad did I was truly a tom boy lol. any way I use to go just to watch my dad fly fish it was the most beautiful site to watch . For hours I would watch him as he would cast out and then whip that line back and forth and the most beautiful colors and size on the line was pure beauty. I would not be able to stop starring. I wish you could have seen it it is still in my memories. He was so talented to watch. That line would just talk and make many colors and sounds. I dont like to fish but I sure do like to eat them. lol. I do wish you could have seen my dad. He had many talents. He even wrote and published a record about me. Hope you can just see it thru this story. Hugs sharon

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

well I dont know about being to late but I know I couldnt do it I couldnt then and Im sure I cant now lol. Yes I love to think about old times as these times are so bad. hugs sharon

It's so great to look back and really appreciate memories of yesterday... We probably didn't appreciate things as much as they happened, but when we look back, Ah, we smile and it's as if warm fuzzy feeling washes over us.. Here's to those days of yesteryear.... I get a little carried away, LOL I have always wanted to try to fly fish..Maybe it's not to late, hay..

oh I have never liked fishing but love to watch and wow if you see it it is so beautiful . I never have seen anyone as good as my dad was. And Im not bragging he was really that good. thanks prairiezephyr

What a nice memory. My dad taught me how to fish, and I later went ice fishing, but never had a fly fishing experience. Now I feel more like watching it than trying it! :)