Fly Fishing Is Great

I like all fishing but in particular I love to fly fish for trout in smaller streams.  There is nothing better than fooling a trout on a dry fly or a nymph.  I used to keep every thing I would catch.  Any more I only save what I will eat that day.  I have two pictures from two recent trips to a small mountain free stone stream I like to fish.  The last trip I took it had just poured rain and everything was wet.  I climbed down a very steep hill through mountain laurel.  When I hit the stream the mosquitoes hit me.  The fishing was incredible.  I think I took about 14 trout in two hours on a little ear hair nymph.  The mosquitoes were so bad I had to leave.  Several times I would work my way into a spot where I could cast up into a small pocket I knew help a trout or two and I would have to retreat back to the bank.  Check out the pictures in my profile.



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I love fly fishing to. I fish mostly wet flys like black pennel or the duckfly ( hense the name i call myself)<br />
in N ireland where i live we can catch brown trout, Dollaghan trout or salmon all in the same stretch of water. I dont catch very many fish that are worth bringing home but i go there for the magical things that happen like for examle catching a bat on the dropper fly at night when i had a large trout on. having an owl try to catch my fly while casting or simply just being overtaken down the river by a kingfisher.

That is relaxing. Fly fishing is relaxing in a different way. There is action because you are casting to fish. But it is also very cerebral. To be really good you definitely have to think about where the fish are in a stream. So you need to be able to read the water. You have to present what they will feed on. You are always thinking. So it is kind of an intense concentration around all this natural beauty. I mostly fish smaller streams where I do not see anyone. So, you are just in this majestic setting and by concentrating so much you can not think about all the other stuff going on. I find it to be a really nice escape. I wish I could do it more.