Douche Of The Day #18

todays douche of the day is a loser by the name of dan brown. Many of you know him as the guy who wrote the divinci code and angels and demons. Look i will say this, while they had an interesting idea and are fairly interesting to read they both make me want to vomit green slime everywhere. This prutencious douche just writes down random bull crap that anyone whoeven looks into it will tell you none of it is true. But not only that but he claims its all true despite having done no reasearch at all, having no evidence for what he believes, and being an all around idiot. I wouldn't have that much of a problem with the guy if he didn't claim all his crap was true when its common knowledge its all crap.

And what the hell is with thse 3 page long chapters? are they meant to make you think your smart for reading three pages? and god his charecters, oh god the humanity. They are so one dimensional that its not even funny. i mean he makes crap up about good honest religious groups making them look like crazed cults when in fact their the opposite. and i mean come on man, whenever your interviewed don't act so coy and talk like your the greatest writer in history and your smarter than anyone else. I happen to have met someone who has met you and they told me you were a complete moron. i mean seriously dude riding your bike in the rain? wat just so you can prove to no one at all you don't care about getting wet? and what the hell is your problem with god and jesus man? did a priest touch your nono region? did a nun slap you with a ruler? dude next time you write a book, at least lose the cliche plot lines.
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012