Badass Of The Week #4

This weeks badass of the week is a seriously badass mofo. He has no actual name (though technically he does i guess but who cares) so everyone just calls him by the weapon he uses. Blade.

This scary mofo started out as a newbon when his mother was bitten by a vampire and he inherited all their abilities but none o their weaknesses. And what des he d with that? he kicks some serious *** is what he does. tis guy starts his first movie by killing a crapload of vampires while blood rains from the ceiling. he doesn't even try hard and kills a ton of them while the others run like litle scared b!tches away from his sheer badassness. he then follows up by setting the big bad guy on fire. and when that doesn't work he just goes tothe hospital to hill him only to fail when he has to save his hot chick from becoming a vampire. he the proceeds to kick a TON of *** and eventually gets caught through sheer being screwed over by his own mom. after escaping hethen proceeds to stake his own mom, kicks a ton of vampire *** wth nothing but his feet, fists, anda shove. then he proceeds to fght a vampire god with his sword and when that doesn't work he says a badass line and makes the guy explode.

then he proceeds to kick even more vampire *** and look badassdoing it. i mean he takes on a whole bunch of guys with heavy **** on them with nothing but his ability to kick ***. then when the bad guy tries to stab him with his own sword, he not only catches it between his hands but then cuts him in half with it.

then after that he proceeds to take down not only the first and strongest vampire, but then uses his blood to kill tem all without even flinching. i mean how badass is that.

not to mentionhis badass weapon, a machine gun thats not good enough for him so he makes it even bigger, a freaken sword (awesome!), some silver stakes, and his fists. and he drivesa SUPER badass car all te time when hes not on a armored motorcycle. i mean he's so tough that when a big main bad guy leaps at him he simply pulls a cord from his jacket an decapitates him without flinching.

lets see that pansy edward do that!
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012