Badass Of The Week #5

this weeks badass is a tough as hell god named thor. seriously those movies about him do not give him credit. this guy constantly does the impossible, he takes on giants, fights impossible eneimes and basically is a constant badass. he starts off his legends by by getting in a fight with his father (sounds familiar) who is disguised as an ordinary person. then he goes out drinking, hangs out at a fellow gods house wherehe eats to freaken ox's and then rips the head off another one to make fishing bait. he then beats the crap out of a giant serphant and carries the whales they caught back to the house (whales people WHALES). he then gets pissed at his douche half brother loki and threatens to freaken rip his head off or throw him into space.

then some jackass steals his mega super ultra hammer and demands his sister as a wife. what does he do? freaken dresses up like her, gets his hammer and then beats the sh!t out of everyone with it. ok maybe the whole dress this was not so badass but he then kills everyone while wearing the thing for gods sake.

he also manages in his wandering to lift the serpent that encircles the whole world, wrestle with time itself, and kick *** and drink hard.

after that not much is known about what happens. but what i assume is he continues beating the crap out of a$$es who deserve it with nothing but his hands, his hammer and his wang. i mean seriously can you imagine anything else?
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
Dec 14, 2012