Badass Of The Week #6

This weeks badass is an easy pick. He is known by one name and one name only.


thats right ******* the big man himself morpheus. This guy is so badass he shares his name with a freaken god for gods sake (hah get it). Nothing this guy does isn't cool. He freaken wears glasses that stay on his face strictly because their to terrified of what he would do to them if they fell off. He speaks little yet says a lot in a few words. With his first time showing that pansy neo what to do he not only jumps buildings like superman (without the lame *** cape or underwear on the outside) but then proceeds to kick his *** without even trying. Neo then tries to do this crazy fancy stupid flip thing, what does he do? He just stands there, waits for him to land and kicks him into a pole so hard it breaks.

But he believes in neo so much (despite neo being a pu$$y compared to him) that he fights a freaken angent to get him to safety. Then when they drug his *** up he still manages to freaken resist the bad guys with bad hair cuts.

Then in the second one not only does he freaken kick loads of *** like crazy but he grabs a sword to fight ghosts. thats old school badass right there. Then when they try to run his badass over he simply kills them and blows up their car with nothing but a sword and bullets. And he ain't even done yet. He then proceeds to take on an agent in hand to hand combat on top of a freaken truck! Then when he decides thats not enough he freaken takes a sword and kicks the guys ***.

I gotta be honest though I don't really remember the third movie all to well due to my mind trying to block it out from existance. But I know he kicks a ton of *** in that as well, saves the day from like a million killer robots and lives to tell about life after war.
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
Jan 17, 2013