The Nuclear Disaster In Fukushima

Regardless Of How The Disaster Occurred This Is The Reason Why We Should Not Use Nuclear Power (The Most Lethal Of All Man Has Created) For Anything At All!

Scientists Are Saying The Radioactive Fallout Will Spread Across The Entire Planet And Come Down In Rain And Infect Food And Water Globally!

Can Everyone Please Call The Japanese Government (Or Call Our GOV'T) And Tell Them To Intomb The Nuclear Plants In Concrete Immediately To Stop Further Contamination!

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1 Response Apr 17, 2011

It cant be entombed. The reactor has burnt its way down through the ground and continues to fall toward underground water supplies and once it hits that they are expecting a huge explosion from the thermonuclear steam reaction of this fuel hitting water. This will also contaminate underground water supplies. As we speak and from the beginning of this dissaster, highly radio active cooling water is non stop pouring into the ocean and has been spotted by satelites traveling across the Pacific and will reach the coast of California hy 2013. Meanwhile all sea life that swims through this water and debris is of course becoming radio active. Eventually those fish are caught by the fishing industry and end up being eaten by humans. Fukushima

My Point Exactly!